Dotti Carter

Dotti says: "We came from up north to Clemson for retirement about 25 years ago... When Clemson was still a lovely college village with its own personality. SIGH! I have 3 kids and like to bicycle, dance, travel, knit, sew."

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Jean Spearman

"I am Jean Spearman.  I am currently teaching at Camperdown Academy in Greenville, SC, which is a private school for students with dyslexia. Steve and I have been married for 28 years and have 3 children.  Emily graduated from the Animation program at Savannah College of Art and Design and currently lives and works in Los Angeles.  David graduated from Clemson in December '17 and will begin a Ph.D program in Economics at George Mason University this fall.  Meg is studying Theater/Musical Theater at Marymount Manhattan College.  My love affair with England began in 1984, when I spent a year at the University of Exeter on a Rotary Scholarship.  I enjoy teaching literature and history, cooking for friends and family, reading, walking my dogs, and watching almost any British period drama.   I am looking forward to spending time with each of you and hope you end up enjoying Cornwall as much as I do.

P.S.  The attached photo was taken in Falmouth with Gary, our wonderful driver and guide."

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Cheryl Martin

"Greetings, fellow travelers! I’m Cheryl Martin, Jean’s trusty assistant, and here’s my story: I was born in rural North Carolina, surrounded by tobacco fields, NASCAR, and Baptist churches. After getting my BA in English at Western Carolina University, I married Jeff (the love of my life), completed my MA in English, moved to Clemson, and began having sons. Three, in fact: Thomas (wife Emmeline and our nearly 2-year-old grandson Wilder in Portland, OR), Sam (wife Jamie in Greenville), and Nate (single in Cincinnati). After thirty years in Clemson, Jeff and I moved to Greenville in 2016, where we continue to be blessed with a home that serves as a haven for sojourners seeking supper or conversation or a bed for the night. Because I love stories—those you find in books and those you hear in line at the grocery—my favorite “ministry” is finding ways to combine dinner and discussion (about literature or culture or personal stories). These days, I work a variety of part-time jobs to fund my trips to Portland.

This will be my eleventh trip across the pond, and it never gets old! I’m looking forward to our adventure with much joy. See you in just a few weeks! Cheers!

P.S. This photo of me was taken in 2016 at Lanhydrock House in Cornwall; the pink raincoat has been with me since 2004, my second trip to the UK!"