As You Like It Tours provides a truly different way to experience group travel, making your trip so much richer and more enjoyable than the "big bus" tours and so much less stressful than independent trial-and-error planning.

Here are just a few of our distinctives.



Our group size never exceeds 12 travelers.  We visit hidden villages and coves, enjoy private garden tours, dine at non-touristy local pubs, and venture to hard-to-find scenic spots that can’t be accessed in a big bus. You can have as much privacy as you desire, but our participants usually become friends!


We stay in luxury houses rather than hotels.  We book 5-star houses with ultra- modern fully equipped kitchens, flat-screen televisions and/or media rooms, SONOS entertainment systems, private gardens, and more.  Most of the bedrooms are en-suite and often have dramatic views of the sea. In your home away from home, you can do laundry (which allows you to pack a smaller suitcase), fix meals and/or snacks at your own convenience, and enjoy wine and cheese or tea and biscuits in the garden. Because we stay in one location for a week, you can get to know the friendly locals who will make you feel welcome!


During the trip, we have exclusive use of a 16 seat, air-conditioned luxury minibus.  We partner with the most personable, funny, helpful and knowledgeable tour guide/driver in Cornwall.  With his parent company, he has helped provide transportation for the cast and crew of most of the major movies and television shows filmed in Cornwall, including Poldark, And Then There Were None, About Time, and World War Z. He knows the locals, provides access to places not open to the public, and safely and confidently navigates the winding, narrow and hazardous roads that meander between narrow hedges and through tiny villages.


Our participants enjoy leisurely, relaxed breakfasts in our lovely holiday home prior to each day’s outing.  We survey the group for their preferences of breakfast foods and beverages, and we provide these for you.  On our daily outings, there is always unstructured time that allows you to shop, explore, people-watch or meander.  If you choose not to go on an outing, you can unwind and relax at the house. We don’t spend hours on the bus and you don’t have to unpack and re-pack during the week, so you also have time in the evening to enjoy the house, the local village or town.  We often say, “you shouldn’t need a vacation to recover from your vacation”! 


Our participants have told us that if they attempted to do everything we do on their own, it would be much more expensive. The costs of luxury services such as a 5-star vacation homes, a private driver/tour guide, and a full-time tour leader and are divided between the participants so you end up paying less and getting more.


We take care of all of the logistics, entry fees, back-up plans in case of bad weather, and even build in stops at the local grocery store.  We also provide plenty of pre-trip packing and travel advice.  Many of our participants have said that they were completely relaxed and didn’t have to worry about anything!


We can plan and provide concierge services for any personal interests that you have that are not included in the group itinerary.  If you want to book a round of golf, attend a cooking class, or seek out locations connected to your family genealogy, we will work with you to make it happen. (There may be an additional charge for transportation and for those activities.)