See what others are saying about their time abroad with us.

The trip was awesome! Trip of a lifetime! Could not have been more perfect or enjoyable.
— Amy C. from CA
Day after day we saw such beautiful places and had so many adventures, it does seem unreal. I have to think through layer upon layer of all we did: the fantastic sights, the food, the friends, the lively streets, cappuccinos, theatre, boats, castles… I experienced more in those three weeks than I typically experience in three years!
— Mary S. from SC
I was relaxed throughout the trip and never worried about a thing.
— Joan S.
Thank you for a fabulous trip to Cornwall and for opening my eyes to a different part of the world... I so enjoyed eating fabulous food, touring amazing places, and meeting wonderful people! You are the best.
— Darlene W. from SC
You really put together an amazing trip—very professionally organized and it flowed so well. I appreciate more than ever the scope of the trip and just how much of England I was able to see! I’ve wanted for years to travel and have talked about doing that. The one thing I emphasized was that I didn’t know how to visit a country and become somewhat ‘enmeshed’ in it—I definitely did not want to do the typical ‘tourist’ thing. This trip was perfect for me—exactly what I’d hoped for and more.
— Lisa B. from OH
It was everything we wanted. I thought the day trips were fun. I liked that we got back each day in time for dinner and had time to relax. Gary was great and added so much with his insight and demeanor. We really felt like we got to see things and talk to people that wouldn’t have in London or a bigger city. Felt like we experienced some of British life.
— Barry and Susan B. from SC
What a wonderful trip! You have been the best and most conscientious tour guide ever! You try so hard to please all of your guests. I have enjoyed the pace of the trip and all of the excursions. There isn’t one I didn’t like!
— Teresa B. from SC